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We all know that looks do make a difference, Ruffnut's can help you and your team look the part with our work wear and embroidery services. We provide quality work uniforms from our group of trusted and reputable suppliers. We do all our own embroidery on site with our state of the art equipment, this allows us to ensure the quality of our work wear uniforms, and provide you with the right look, so you can sell your brand better. Promote your business right with Ruffnuts workwear uniforms and embroidery services. The trusted source for quality men's and women's workwear .
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Ruffnuts has chosen only the most reputable companies to supply their clothing range, Companies which excel in quality control, product availability and service.

We have tried with our website to provide our customers a easy to use website which display's a list of items from our seven suppliers which are allready popular among our clients or items we felt would be a good alternative to our popular items.

If you know of a garment or item available from one of our seven suppliers we have no problems in ordering these items for you or your business. Below is a list of link to the websites of our suppliers websites if you wish to browse there full range.

Bisley -

Biz Collection -

Johnny Bobbin or JB's -

King Gee -

Legend -

Visitec -

Grace Collection -


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