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We all know that looks do make a difference, Ruffnut's can help you and your team look the part with our work wear and embroidery services. We provide quality work uniforms from our group of trusted and reputable suppliers. We do all our own embroidery on site with our state of the art equipment, this allows us to ensure the quality of our work wear uniforms, and provide you with the right look, so you can sell your brand better. Promote your business right with Ruffnuts workwear uniforms and embroidery services. The trusted source for quality men's and women's workwear .
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           Mens Shirts
Short Sleeve Micro Check Shirt

Denim Shirt
> Short Sleeve & Long Sleeve

> Short Sleeve
> 4 Contrast Colours

Oxford Shirt
> Short Sleeve & Long Sleeve

Long Sleeve Boston Shirt

Short Sleeve New Yorker Shirt

Long Sleeve New Yorker Shirt

Metro Shirt
> Short Sleeve & Long Sleeve
> 11 Colours Available

Long Sleeve Oxford Check Shirt

Continental Shirt
> Long Sleeve
> Available in Black or White

Striped Manhattan Shirt
> 9 Colour Combinations

Long Sleeve Micro Check Shirt

Long Sleeve Poplin Shirt

Mens Contemporary Shirt

"Wrinkle Free" Chambray Shirt
> 100% Cotton
> Short & Long Sleeve
> Mens and Womens Sizes

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