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Ruffnuts is committed to producing high quality heavy duty custom made seat covers that will last the test of time, and they back this up with a full 12 month guarantee.

Each seat cover is made of hard wearing, machine washable, burn and tear resistant material that does not sweat.

Ruffnuts seat covers are NOT a canvas product, they are manufactured from specifically designed foam backed Duratex™ to withstand heavy wear tear and soiling.
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QuikSlip™ optional extra

      + PATENT No 2006100174
      + ISO 9001-2000 CERTIFIED

The new QuikSlip cover is an add on extra designed for the greater protection of RUFFNUTS seat covers from
oils, greases and fuels.
Ideal for workshop vehicles in mine sites , mobile plant mechanics and fitters working in isolated areas.
QuikSlip easily folds over the headrest and attaches to the ruffnuts seatcover with velcro tabs to keep soiling
elements to a minimum.

      + Waterproof
      + Custom made for all seats
      + Machine Washable
      + Tear resistant
      + 12mth Guarantee
      + Does not wear upholstery
      + Foamed Backed for comfort
      + Repels liquid
      + Does not sweat
      + Does not wear upholstery
      + Foamed Backed for comfort
      + Repels liquid




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Ruffnuts Heavy Duty Seat Covers Made with Duratex™ and NOT Canvas


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